Pool Payouts & Miner Configurations

Miner configuration

stratum+tcp://stratum.asiadigicoin.com:PORT -u "Your_Wallet_Address" -p Anything

Port which starts with 1xxxx is Vardiff


Every 1 hr should you have atleast 1 ADCN balance in your account

Pool Fee

0% Pool fee; yes whatever you will mine you would get in your wallet

Block Overview

Pool Valid Shares Invalid Shares (Rate %) Total Blocks
asiadigicoin 61644148 1816474 (0.0295%) 8214


Pool Pending Blocks Confirmed Blocks Orphaned Blocks
asiadigicoin 3 8172 39

Pool Stats

Pool Algo Workers Valid Shares Invalid Shares Total Blocks Pending Confirmed Orphaned Hashrate
asiadigicoin scrypt 8 61644148 1816474 8214 3 8172 39 16.18 GH